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The Zeitgeist MovmentIf you know, you know. If you don’t, you need to.

Scholars and activists, personally through Detroit City of Hope, have made me aware that what is transpiring right now in the world is more than a recession or something contrived like globalization. It is a transition and an evolution. As a species we are asking ourselves the simple question what it means to be human. Think about your 7th grade socials studies class when you learned about hunting and gathering, agriculture, and then industrialization. Right now we are in the transition into something new, something unknown. Right now we may call it “post” industrialization but intuition manifests that it may be something else. Detroit is a focal point of this “something else”. Detroit is offering alternatives.

The Zeitgeist Movement leads us up to this point. Right now it is two documentary movies. Some alternatives are offered for humanity’s future, especially The Venus Project, but the crux of the Zeitgeist Movement is to exmaine how the powers that be (whether subconsciously or intentionally) have controlled and corrupted our human evolution. Quite literally on the surface it looks to be money and power but it goes deeper than that…it is the control of how people relate to the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Make a point to look up at the sky.

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Economic Statement

I am a child of Reagan and Bush I.
My first course in economics was walking the cow pasture and cornfields alongside my grandfather on his farm in Darke County, Ohio. My grandfather was a child of Wilson and Harding who plowed the fields with his bare hands during a Depression and lost a brother in the Pacific. He was stoic with large leather beaten hands and his voice carried the gift of gab. The economic lesson was short, to the point, followed by a silent stare of befuddlement. My grandfather pointed to a large patch of land that was a thicket of weeds and shrubs, a remanent of tilled soil years before, that had been left to the elements and nature for it to take over. It was nestled between the cow pasture and the cornfield with geometrically perfect lines of planted seeds. “See that land over there that is just gone to waste, all over grown with weeds?” I nodded. “That’s the land I make the most money off of. The government pays me not to plant there.” I was confused when he began to tell me about how it drives up the prices for American farmers on the International market. It was over my 8 year old head. All I could understand was his befuddlement and frustration. It was in his hands to plant things, to fix things, to contribute.

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A few years ago I ran into Andrew Cauthen’s music is loaded with experiments in drones, beats and ambients. Total driving music to get lost in. It will transport you a la Aphex Twin or Boards of Canada. He floored me in his prolific stature, it is overwhelming. I became inspired just as much by his practice and methods as his aural works. He has a whole world of links and knowledge buried in that site. Check it out. Be warned. He has come full circle in his methodology which is statement and brilliance enough. Before he had absolutely no advertising on his site. Now there is a little bit of porn advertising on there, though most of it is from suicide girls.


I digress- the point of this post is This is another netlabel which describes this movement in music right now.
According to Wikipedia a netlabel is-

A netlabel(also online label, web label or MP3 label)is a record label that distributes its music primarily through digital audio formats (mainly MP3 or Ogg Vorbis) over the Internet. While similar to traditional record labels in many respects, netlabels typically emphasize free distribution online, often under licenses that encourage works to be shared (e.g., Creative Commons licenses), and artists usually retain copyright. Most employ guerrilla marketingto promote their work; few netlabels earn money for participants. is my world right now. My ipod is maxed out. I have hours and hours of music to listen to. This is Basic Channel type stuff. Dubby future. Night time snow driving desolation to let go to. Big up to this crew from Italy. The world comes together in this transition.

I also love the lo fi computer animations. so random. so pure. so raw. so corny. so sexy. so punk.

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One of the sites I use ZapReader for is Stratfor– Geopolitical Intelligence. According to their website:

Stratfor provides published intelligence and customized intelligence service for private individuals, global corporations, and divisions of the US and foreign governments around the world. Stratfor intelligence professionals routinely appear at conferences and as subject-matter experts in mainstream media.

They offer a free email of a sampling of their report which I signed up for. What is striking to me is the indepthness of the report. It shows how we are so misinformed, perhaps not even intentionally, as we absorb so much on websites, tv, and radio. There is so much information out there and we’ve been trained to go to one soundbite to the next.

In the first email that was sent to me it described the current conflict in Gaza:

The reaction from the Arab world has been mixed. On the one hand, a look at the so-called Arab street will reveal an angry scene of chanting protesters, burning flags and embassy attacks in protest of Israel’s actions. The principal Arab regimes, however, have either kept quiet or publicly condemned Hamas for the crisis — while privately often expressing their support for Israel’s bid to weaken the radical Palestinian group.

This lengthy article talks about the undercurrents of what is going on this conflict from a global perspective. It goes beyond Israel and Hamas, it is tied in with Egypt, Syria, and Saudia Arabia.  They connect the dots. Read up.

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