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ThunderdromThe Thunderdrome Race coming up on October 16, 2010 is an event I’ve seen grown from an idea in Andy Didorosi’s head to an international event in the span of a month. Hogpath has had the opportunity to capture a bit of the progress on video. This event has all the elements – mad max, reverse vandalism, urban renewal, deindustrialization, post-modernism, tacos, hope, sweat, racing, bicycles, mopeds, scooters, vespas, and the attitude of “screw it, let’s just make it happen”. People have taken notice when Pabst decided to sponsor the event.

These guys are working hard, I’m talking back-breaking work, to clear and restore the track so that racers can claim their glory.

October 16, 2010 – 8 AM – Dorais Park – Mound and Outer Drive.

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Podcast 19 – Jason Huvaere – Part 3

In this installment of the Hogpath interview with Jason Huvaere he discusses the changes in electronic music over the years. He elucidates how the changes in technology have affected the delivery and social dynamics of the music in clubs and into headphones. It illustrates how technology has completely opened things like genres and categories, almost making those things mute.

High Resolution Media – Podcast 19 – Jason Huvaere – Part 3

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Podcast 17 – Jason Huvaere – Part 1

Paxahau is a pretty ubiquitous name within the world of Detroit electronic music, specifically within the club and party circuit. They are prolific promoters and archivers of the events they have so passionately put on since 1993. Their recent claim to fame is being the organizers behind The Detroit Electronic Music Festival, or Movement as it is now called.

In this first podcast we interviewed the founder and main force behind Paxahau, Jason Huvaere. Like so many in Detroit, he is behind the scenes and gets shit done, makes it happen. Detroit’s electronic music is legendary and mythic and Paxahau has been there all long, stealthily and below the surface, disseminating the music to the dance floors and airwaves via their itunes podcast. Part 1 finds out the origins of the Paxahau name and how it fits within the cultural context of Detroit.

High Resolution Media – Podcast 17 – Jason Huvaere – Part 1

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Podcast 16 – Grace Lee Boggs – Part 4

It is my commitment to reflect on the past year in an upcoming post. Things have changed and I owe a lot of it to the work and foundations Grace Lee Boggs has built. This final episode of the interview I did with her in November of 08 reflects on the city of Detroit’s recent history and future.

It is quite common for those of us here (and the world that seems to come here and study us) to say Detroit is the model for deindustrialization, that we are in essence a blueprint for the new economy. The economic pain in the past few years felt by the country and world is something the city of Detroit has been feeling for over twenty years. There is an ounce of truth in this but Grace Lee Boggs takes it further. She breaks it down as she always does but she offers real alternatives and sees things in how it relates to history.

We can’t thank you enough Grace.

High Resolution Media – Grace Lee Boggs – Part 4

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