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Podcast 18 – Jason Huvaere – Part 2

In my dealings with Jason Huvaere I have been very impressed with his matter-of-factness and professionalism. This series of interviews conveys this. It is this professionalism combined with a sense of responsibility and urgency that brought Paxahau into the Movement Festival. I was very interested how he would respond to a question about the misconceptions of Detroit. His response made me proud and shows a glimmer of the Detroit soul one gets or sees only after having been here a very long time. I love the phrase “a state of mind that everyone here has a responsibility to keep working towards.”

High Resolution Media – Podcast 18 – Jason Huvaere – Part 2

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The Zeitgeist MovmentIf you know, you know. If you don’t, you need to.

Scholars and activists, personally through Detroit City of Hope, have made me aware that what is transpiring right now in the world is more than a recession or something contrived like globalization. It is a transition and an evolution. As a species we are asking ourselves the simple question what it means to be human. Think about your 7th grade socials studies class when you learned about hunting and gathering, agriculture, and then industrialization. Right now we are in the transition into something new, something unknown. Right now we may call it “post” industrialization but intuition manifests that it may be something else. Detroit is a focal point of this “something else”. Detroit is offering alternatives.

The Zeitgeist Movement leads us up to this point. Right now it is two documentary movies. Some alternatives are offered for humanity’s future, especially The Venus Project, but the crux of the Zeitgeist Movement is to exmaine how the powers that be (whether subconsciously or intentionally) have controlled and corrupted our human evolution. Quite literally on the surface it looks to be money and power but it goes deeper than that…it is the control of how people relate to the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Make a point to look up at the sky.

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Podcast 16 – Grace Lee Boggs – Part 4

It is my commitment to reflect on the past year in an upcoming post. Things have changed and I owe a lot of it to the work and foundations Grace Lee Boggs has built. This final episode of the interview I did with her in November of 08 reflects on the city of Detroit’s recent history and future.

It is quite common for those of us here (and the world that seems to come here and study us) to say Detroit is the model for deindustrialization, that we are in essence a blueprint for the new economy. The economic pain in the past few years felt by the country and world is something the city of Detroit has been feeling for over twenty years. There is an ounce of truth in this but Grace Lee Boggs takes it further. She breaks it down as she always does but she offers real alternatives and sees things in how it relates to history.

We can’t thank you enough Grace.

High Resolution Media – Grace Lee Boggs – Part 4

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Welcome new people


Day 1 of Dream Cruise Tactic.
Aware of the gas guzzlin spectacle it represents and the era along with it.
Aware of the chaps sitting next to me, laid off engineers, talking bout buy american and using the word “foreign” every other word, hustling a t-shirt.
(air fresheners are made in colorado fyi)
Aware of the use of chemicals in fragrance and the necessity for organics.
Shamans are onto me.

Success so far. Success to be in sun and see the black and white zodiac against the bright blue.
Success to be out on the street seeing the people and feeling the pulse. Activism is in the air.

We’ll all be there writing about it. New people checking this out- Welcome.

It’s about the word, a little bit of image and video and the mantra “Remember to dance for joy”.


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