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status and bloggin. life.

i’m still here. hustling behind the screens. i’m posting the lighter fare over at GFP.

not really slacking these days…. spending a lot of time in library.

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back and forth

funky intellectuals who hold it down.

old school postmoderns digging and revealing soul technologies

its all here folks.

school is in session.

download and drive down jefferson avenue to the clique from belle isle on saturday morning.

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Seven More To Go

Without question the icon is cheesy, even the name. Second Life. It conjures the aesthetic of late 90s sci-fi satirical spoofs a la “Brazil” where manipulation is overt. A new age religion. A video game. A virtual life. Buying virtual clothes with virtual money with a real life currency exchange. Why would I even go there? Why is it so popular? Is it the beginning of the end or the beginning of the beginning? Is this the matrix?

So I made that jump, rather dissension, into the continents and islands of Second Life. Transcendental music was playing, we were instantly naked, then instantly clothed and with forward and side-to-side arrow keys we could move. By typing we could talk. I could see other people, or simulations of people, and with a forward slash and the word “bow” I could bow. I learned to fly. I was a god. A few buttons and I could teleport. Star Trek. Virtual memory is sweet. I record notes of people and places I see and record it in “inventory”, the virtual brain.

My brain and heart on planet earth latitudes and longitudes were stimulated from the digital grid. I lie awake at night. Insomnia. I threw on the old staples of Detroit Techno in car rides. I refocused on breathing to counteract the insomnia. I thought of the virtual money to be made to transfer in the currency exchange.

I experience a hyper world akin to the internet of the early 90s. Geeks abound in what seems to be the ultimate chat room. But something else is there. I sense its coming. I did meet an alchemist.

Nothing replaces reality and breath.

If you happen to take the plunge, my name is “a10 Ra”. I may or may not be there. Some links of interest in my analysis-

Milarepa Land Trust

Mandala Web

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plug in properly

the current can be correct

make mathematic decisions

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